Triple Budget Box (3 flasker)

Triple Budget Box (3 flasker)

280,00 kr
på lager: 5

Vin: C'est bien comme ça blanc

Producent: Mas de Janiny

Land: Frankrig
Info: It is a wine that screams of bad football throws and wet swimming trunks. It's aromatic and fresh, but also has a certain heavy weight vibe that makes it overly food-friendly. Especially if you're grilling green asparagus and having a wild time.
Normalpris 95,-

Vin: Le temps des Gitans Syrah

Producent: Mas de Janiny

Land: Frankrig
Info: A damn simple and worthy rural wine in a can. Organic and sheep in the field and such. To be drunk cool and in solid sips on Weekdays, Sundays and Saturdays before 3pm. 
Normalpris 95,-

Vin: Gris l’Irréductible Rosé

Producent: Maison Crochet

Land: Frankrig
Info: A love induced rosé from the good Wilfrried. All it needs is a boat and maybe some green Manitou. BOOM. SLAY. WERK.
Normalpris 120,-

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