Brunate '14, Rinaldi

Brunate '14, Rinaldi

2.500,00 kr

Vin: Barolo Brunate

Producent: Giuseppe Rinaldi

Drue(r): Nebbiolo

Område: Piedmonte

Underområde: Ja, Barolo, ik'!?

Land: Italien

Type: Rødvin

Tilsat svovl: No!

Mængde: 75 cl

Flot etiket: Old school FTW

Beskrivelse: Rinaldi states his philosophy this way: “I don’t want a wine that pleases easily ... when someone says I like it or I don’t like it and that’s it”, he told The Art of Eating’s Edward Behr in 2000. Rinaldi wants Barolo that is “austere, severe, that demands research. It takes time. You have to study, to think, to understand, like all of art. It isn’t simple but complex; it doesn’t please right away. It’s the opposite of a mass-produced product. It has angles, not curves. It’s not easy. A good Barolo is adapted to long aging.”


 Smager godt til: Vildhed om 100 år

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