Muscatedda '17, Marabino

Muscatedda '17, Marabino

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Vin: Muscatedda

Producent: Marabino

Drue(r): Moscato giallo

Område: Sicilien

Underområde: Val di Noto

Land: Italien

Type: Orange

Tilsat svovl: Nejnejnej

Mængde: 75 cl

Flot etiket: Kæmpe font-krise, dér!

Beskrivelse: Vi lader vinmageren få ordet:


The "muscatedda" is the local name of the first vineyard that you harvest in these areas; "prima vigna muscatedda" comes from the only native white grape variety of the territory of Val di Noto, the Moscato di Noto. An aromatic grape used for the production of natural sweet wines, wine of semi dried grapes and fortified wines, that we wanted to render in a dry version.


From a vineyard exposed to the West, at 65 meters above sea level, cultivated on white-calcareous soil that reflects light and gives saltiness to the wine. The white Muscat of Val di Noto, cultivated on these soils produces vines with a low yield, and wines with delicate aromas, typical of the "Mediterranean scrub". The ripe grapes are vinified in steel tanks with the skins for about fifteen days. It matures in steel tanks until the following spring with continuous Bâtonnage, carried out according to the lunar phases.


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