Rack & Ruin '21, Momento Mori

Rack & Ruin '21, Momento Mori

400,00 kr
på lager: 1

Vin: Rack & Ruin

Producent: Momento Mori

Drue(r): Ribolla, nero d'avola

Land: Australien


Type: Rødvin / rosé

Tilsat svovl: Nej

Mængde: 75 cl

Flot etiket: Yaaaaas!

Beskrivelse: This wine is comprised of approx 70% Ribolla Gialla and 30% Nero D’avola grown in the rocky, volcanic soils of Mt Camel, Heathcote. The two wines were made separately and also aged separately (100% stainless steel) as it was my intention to release them as individual wines. As it were they were probably the two most standout wines in the winery, a winery full of standout wines.. (2021 was a very good year). Because of that I found myself drinking these wines from the tank often rather than opening a bottle from the cellar. And because of the proximity of both of the tanks (right beside each other) I naturally had to try them as a blend in my glass. It was somewhat of a revelation really, the classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of it’s individual parts. It was an easy decision to blend these wines as I had to consider that this Ribolla Gialla component would have been one of the first Ribollo Gialla’s to be released in Australia, and from some of the only vineyard plantings of the variety in the country. But, beauty has to have the final say and I think it was a good decision. The subsequent wine is stellar on so many levels ! The wine drinks like a light red / dark rosé and should be consumed chilled.


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