Red Reserve '17, Momento Mori

Red Reserve '17, Momento Mori

400,00 kr
på lager: 1

Vin: Red Reserve

Producent: Momento Mori

Drue(r): Pinot noir

Land: Australien


Type: Rødvin

Tilsat svovl: Nej

Mængde: 75 cl

Flot etiket: Yaaaaas!

Beskrivelse: Dane skriver det selv: The 2017 vintage of the Reserve Red is entirely Pinot Noir but from two different sites. The first component is from the Cardinia Ranges vineyard that Hannah and I farm which is on Granitic sandy soils.  The remaining 500kg of fruit is from a small vineyard in the Yarra Valley. The cuvee is named ‘Reserve Red’ because it’s probably as far away from a typical Australian “Reserve Red” as you will get (Intentionally of course), and I always found that term amusing and antiquated. It is always of a very high quality though and has extended time on elevage and in bottle which may be the only two concieved similarities. While it is Pinot for sure it is also edgy and somewhat unique. It Is elegant but complex, pure and earthy at the same time and has a very ethereal nature about it. Zero additions. Zero so2.


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