Rkatsiteli '17, Pheasant's Tears

Rkatsiteli '17, Pheasant's Tears

185,00 kr

Vin: Rkatsiteli

Producent: Pheasant's Tears / John Wundermann

Drue(r): Rkatsiteli

Nej / Kakheti
Land: Georgien


Type: Orange

Tilsat svovl: Måske

Mængde: 75 cl

Flot etiket: Ikonisk

Beskrivelse: Nogen har skrevet det her:


The Rkatsiteli is from thirty year old vines, fermented naturally for thirty days with wild yeasts in clay Georgian qvevri buried underground. The wine is neither filtered nor fined and only a touch of sulphur is added at bottling.


This delightful wine displays a golden amber in the glass with a nose of spiced wild honey. Dry and unexpectedly full-bodied in the mouth, with background notes of walnut and apricot on the palate. This will match well with roasted chicken or more exotic fowl like duck or quail.


Enjoy now but will develop with further ageing. "Pheasant’s Tears Rkatsiteli 2011 from Georgia has a smoky and nutty tang" - Recommended Orange Wine - Olly Smith, Mail on Sunday & Mail Online


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