The Incline '20, Momento Mori

The Incline '20, Momento Mori

380,00 kr
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Vin: The Incline

Producent: Momento Mori

Drue(r): Syrah

Land: Australien


Type: Rødvin

Tilsat svovl: Nej

Mængde: 75 cl

Flot etiket: Yaaaaas!

Beskrivelse: This wine has always been a special one for me. It was made as a homage to my dear old Nana who as a child was raised in a remote and very isolated coal mining settlement called Rewanui affectionately known as ‘Siberia’ due to it’s inhospitable nature. Rewanui was home to a handful of huts which housed the miners and their families. The children of whom used to ride atop the coal wagons to reach the closest town which was 7 km’s away to attend school, the only alternative to which was to walk down a bush track. My grandfather was also a steam train driver and I have good memories of riding in the drivers cabin of those locomotives when I was a child, so there you go.. I’ve now had a few years to hone this wine stylistically to where I want it to be which has culminated into this incredibly expressive beauty. The fruit was grown by the Chalmers family on the Mt Camel Ranges in Northern Heathcote. The Cambrian soils are made up of decomposed Ironstone, Dolerite, Jasper and Green Basalt and the vines are farmed organically. This year’s offering consists of 100% Syrah The Syrah variety is called Paiko Selection and is somewhat of an anomaly as it Is grown on it’s own rootstock. The vines are young, 11 years, which I think helps give the fruit it’s vibrancy and freshness. This is (intentionally) a very un-Australian Syrah. Its light (for Syrah), vibrant and complex and has loads of crunchy blue and red fruit. It also has amazing depth with mouth-watering acidity and freshness that is on another level. I think the 2020 may be the most compelling version of this wine to date. It is so very expressive and the architecture is just incredible. It has density without weight giving structure that is on another level ! Very very happy with this one.


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