3 bottles for 3 months, gift it friends

3 bottles for 3 months, gift it friends

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No wine drinker has ever wanted glassware charms or a pun based graphic tee. What they do want is wine. So to make you the STAR of the festive season we've created a three months subscription of three wines that will THRILL even the coldest of hearts this winter.


A box of 3 bottles of fricken sick natural wine. We're talking 1 red, 1 white and 1 orange (ooooh). Each month gets crazier then the last and is filled with nothing but what tastes good right then and there, and of course all the new arrivals that are rocking up. All the wines are basically unsulphured. Some will also be organically certified and others biodynamic. Uha, uha. All taste sick! Yatzy!



They either pick up the monthly box in the store or have it sent it (it costs 50 DKK per box). The wine box will be ready in the shops from the 1st Monday of the month - and will also be sent from the shop on that day. You have three weeks to collect your wine from the shop, otherwise we will drink it ourselves (kidding, irk).



Oh and mate, make sure to let us know in the notes where we should be shipping or where that fancy friend of yours is most likely wanting to pickup up their box.

FEEEDT! Du må satme gerne fortsætte med at handle men du kan også bare fyre direkte hen til din kurv