At the beginning of June we had the pleasure of hosting George Wolski from Chateau Khashmi - located in the Iori Valley, 35 km from Tbilisi, Georgia.

His wines are made using traditional Georgian methodology which is dated back 8000 years and is believed to be the oldest wine making process. The grapes are fermented and aged in Qvevri's - are big, egg-shaped clay pots (like amphorae) - buried deep into the ground for achieving stable temperature and storage conditions throughout the year.

His large range of cuvees - mostly orange wines made on the Rkatsiteli grape, making up 80% of the wines produced in Georgia - have a maximum 7 day maceration to keep the tannins from overpowering the more delicate notes in the wine.

If you havent tried Georgian wine this is a producer to begin with! Start with the lighter cuvees at the top and work your way down.